Love and care is our first and foremost consideration in looking after our babies and children. In addition, their developmental progress is important. Provision is made to meet their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development in a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment. The emphasis is on learning through play through a combination of sensory and messy play activities and a wide variety of carefully chosen toys appropriate to their age and stage of development. We work within the Birth to three matters framework which includes developing and learning in the following areas: ‘A strong child’ ‘A skilful communicator’ ‘A competent learner’ and ‘A healthy child.’

Developmental charts are used to record milestones and a portfolio of each individual child is developed from the start of nursery life up until children leave to go to school. This will record your child’s progress and achievements as they advance through nursery and helps ensure continuity of care for your child.

Children 4 Most at Ashton-Under-Lyne


Children 4 Most at Squirrels Wood


Children 4 Most at Flowery Field

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We offer nursery places on a first come first served basis whilst adhering to our Ofsted registration that allows us a certain number of children of each age group

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Children 4 Most

Children 4 Most