children-4-most-2016-207A broad approach is taken to reading. The children will have extensive pre-reading experiences including the sharing in discussions of many delightful books. The children can not yet read the words, but they are learning all the time, picking up picture clues, guessing what will come next, getting the story in the right order, using context to work out what is happening. Gradually, letters and their sounds will be recognised then whole words. This is a very complex process and should be supported with confidence building, praise and patience. We also follow the phase 1 phonics programme in line with the Government initiative ‘letters and sounds’ This helps to develop children’s listening and attention skills as well as letter recognition and awareness of rhyme.

Writing develops in a similar way. Children often ‘write’, it may look like scribble but don’t discourage it. Gradually children learn letter shapes and the sounds that go with them. We encourage both reading and writing by the use of a stimulating language environment and a wide range of opportunities to support and encourage our children.

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Children 4 Most

Children 4 Most