Communication and Language

children-4-most-2016-248Children will be given extensive opportunities to experience a rich language environment through games, activities, stories and play. Children will be encouraged to talk and hold conversations, to take turns and to listen to others. Sign language will be used in everyday routines to support the child’s communication skills and understanding. Talking with children is one of the most valuable ways we can spend time with them, both as teachers and as parents. Hearing stories, poems and rhymes read to them also enriches the childs experience of language. Children will be encouraged to recall and recreate traditional tales. Imaginations are inspired as they use storytelling props to revisit tales as well as inventing their own stories with their friends. Resource boxes are shared between home and nursery including story books, puppets, mirrors and telephones.

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We offer nursery places on a first come first served basis whilst adhering to our Ofsted registration that allows us a certain number of children of each age group

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Children 4 Most

Children 4 Most